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 Golf Cage Nets for training, teaching, and backyard use.

LFS has been providing top-quality net products for sports, industrial, and commercial use for over 50 years.

Our line of golf cage nets are extremely easy to attach to an existing frame structure, or for building a new golf cage. Made with high-tenacity nylon fiber, our knotless impact net is optimal for indoor and outdoor use. The net has a ¾” mesh opening specifically designed for direct, high-velocity ball impact.  All of our golf practice cage nets are black which provides the highest level of resistance to the harmful UV rays in sunlight, ensuring your nets will last in the most extreme environments.

Each of our golf cage nets are 10’ high x 10’ wide x 10’ deep. The sides, top, and back netting panels are bound together in cage configuration. The front end of the golf hitting cage is left open making room for your backswing and follow-through. Your replacement golf cage net can be purchased with or without a 10’ x 10’ golf impact baffle, although it is strongly recommended to protect the body of the golf cage net from premature wear and tear.

A reinforcement rope is located one foot from the back of the roof panel to support the baffle net. The life expectancy of your impact baffle can be extended by periodically rotating to change the wear pattern. LFS also specializes in custom-sized golf cage netting, golf mini-ranges, and golf course warm-up cage netting. 

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*** Do you need to build a frame to suspend your golf cage net? Use our 1-3/8” fittings or Golf Cage Net Kit to build a new golf cage system from the ground up.