About Us

Our History

LFS Sports & Industrial Netting is a division of LFS, Inc. located in Bellingham, Washington. In 2017, LFS acquired Redden Nets. Both LFS and Redden have over 30 years of experience providing high-end quality sports and industrial netting systems.

LFS Sports & Industrial Netting specializes in solutions for the custom fabrication of netting systems used in various applications including, but not limited to: Driving Ranges, Golf Course Protection, Baseball Fields, Soccer Fields, Landfill Barriers, Hydro‐Electric Barriers, Marine Barriers, Wildlife Control, Fish Hatchery Enclosures and Mining Pond Covers to name a few.


What makes LFS “The Best”

Our success formula is based on an equal and integrated focus on Materials, Workmanship, and Installation – none outweighing the other, yet together they form the foundation of our exceptional service.


High Quality Materials

Our commitment to excellence begins with our meticulous selection of materials. We at LFS prioritize the use of superior-quality web, rope, and twine, fully understanding that the initial investment in premium materials pays off when our netting systems outlast the competition. This philosophy underpins our advice against opting for lower-cost alternatives, which may seem economical upfront but result in increased expenses due to premature failures.


Exceptional Workmanship

LFS is fortunate to be able to offer a level of custom fabrication and a level of consistency that cannot be matched in the marketplace. Our ability to produce complex netting systems with an extraordinary degree of accuracy has created the expectation from our customers that there is nothing we cannot do.

Expert Installation

The methods used to install our netting systems vary slightly from one contractor to the next. The main constant is their background in the utility power‐line industry. Our selected group of installers use only utility grade hardware and base their pole selection on solid engineering.


While we provide a diverse selection of pre-fabricated nets and netting systems, we recognize the uniqueness of each project. Whether you're in search of assistance with large-scale netting projects, industrial solutions, or simply require additional guidance to meet your specific needs, our knowledgeable and dedicated team is ready to lend their expertise. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for any queries you might have. Give us a call or fill out our contact form linked below to connect with us today!



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