Mesh Properties

Golf Netting

Golf Netting


LFS #18 Nylon Barrier Netting System (Golf)

Component Specifications/Tolerance

Netting Component:

  • 100% industrial high grade nylon
  • U.V. treated yarn
  • 3 Strand twisted & knotted construction
  • 1” mesh size
  • Dyed black and tarred
  • 165-lb. single strand tensile strength

Attachment Twine / Hanging Twine:

  • #48 braided polyester twine
  • 375 lb. Tensile strength
  • Dye treated

Perimeter Border Ropes & Riblines:

  • Braided synthetic cover
  • Parallel synthetic core
  • 3,500 lb. Tensile strength
  • 2,455 Wet abrasion cycles

LFS #18 Nylon Golf Range Netting System Specifications

Netting: LFS #18 nylon golf range netting with average 165 lb. twine tensile strength. 2” stretched mesh; 1” single bar measure, twisted-knotted construction, manufactured with U.V. treated yarn and additionally dyed black and tarred.

All sections of netting component to be constructed to a 3/8” braided black perimeter rope, minimum 3,500 lb. breaking strength. Additionally, net panels shall have internally constructed vertical and horizontal ropes of the same material. All rope locations on the net panels shall correspond to the as built net panel suspension and support cables constructed to pole structures. All net panels shall be custom fabricated to as built measurements of the pole/cable structure to provide a taut panel upon completion.

Attachment of net and rope components shall be made with #48 braided polyester twine, minimum 375 lb. tensile strength, treated black. The attachment twine shall continually encompass the netting component and be tied to the rope component via a clove and one half hitch knot +/- 6 inches on center, never to exceed 8 inches on center.

Finished net panels shall be suspended to cables by the rope component via a 9/32”cadmium plated steel carabiner attachment snap, minimum 1,140 lb. breaking strength. The interior of the snap shall encompass only the rope and cable components when suspension is completed. The interval between snap to cable attachment points shall not exceed 3 feet on center (snap size may vary to fit cable size(s) specified).

Netting system is available from LFS, Inc., Bellingham, WA, 800-426-8860, or engineers approved equal.